Terms and conditions

Crafted s.r.o. is the main operator and seller of the e-shop www.slovakiawine.eu. Crafted s.r.o. is located at Ďurgalova 4, Bratislava 831 01 and is registered business in the District court of Bratislava I, Section: Sro, Filler number: 84596/B.

Business ID: 46 851 577
Tax ID: 2023611480
VAT reg. no.: SK2023611480

The main postal address of the company is:

Crafted s.r.o.
Ďurgalova 4
Bratislava 831 01
Phone: +421903971844 – Slovak
+421902324573 – English
Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 16:00 pm.
E-mail : info@slovakiawine.eu

General provisions and the definition of terms

CUSTOMER – physical person from 18 years. Or legal entity
SELLER – Crafted s.r.o.
SHOP – www.slovakiawine.eu

I. Order

The electronic order is considered to be binding in accordance with the act n. 108/2000 C.l. at reading further changes and formulas. All prices are stated in Euros and tax included according to the valid legislative.

II. Shipping terms

Delivery of the product is dispatched to the customer, eventually sent the post, or to the first shipping operator and its ownership passes on the customer after the full purchase price has been paid. Seller dispatches the product to the customer in the shortest time period. The arranged shipping period is valid, if there aren’t any unexpected circumstances, excluding the responsibility, as for example all the cases of the higher authorities, which disable its compliance.

In the case, when some products are not in stock and they are not at the disposition of the producers and shippers, the shipping period will take longer.

III. Price, payment and shipping conditions

When noncash payment, the goods were dispatched soon after receiving the total price including the account of the seller.

The buyer makes payments:
a) Bank transfer – directly to the bank account Crafted s.r.o.
b) Endorsement – valid only for the Slovak Republic in the binding order.
c) Paypal – especially for foreign visitors to our trade. You can pay your credit card without a PayPal account.
d) Credit Card – We use the latest technology available from Woocommerce, WordPress, Paypal.
The buyer pays for the product + shipping

Type of transport:
a) Personal takeover the goods – the address of seller
b) DPD Courier – according to the price list of the company, the goods are insured
c) Slovakia Wine – shipped only in Bratislava

IV. Taking over the product

The seller is obliged to deliver to the customers, the right product and amount at the buying price. The payment conditions are valid on the dispatching day of the online order, product applicable to the norms, regulations and acts valid in the SR. The seller does not take any responsibility for the delayed delivery or possible damage of the parcel due to the post, or the delivery service, eventually, non-performance of the product which has happened by the producer´s (provider´s) fault in consequence of any restriction, eventually, leading to the cancellation of the distributive rights or other unexpected obstacles.

The customer is obliged to take possession of the product at the arranged date on the address provided on the order and pay the full amount for the product and for purpose of the payment conditions valid on the dispatching day of the order in accordance with the contract. At taking over of the product, the customer is obliged to check the physical intactness and completeness of the parcel. If the parcel is visibly damaged, destroyed, or incomplete, the customer should immediately contact the delivery company and file a claim on their damaged item. The risk of product damage passes on the customer the moment he/she has the item or through their warrantee. Further reclamation will not be accepted.

V. Unmake the contract

The customer is able to cancel the order without being charged before it has been dispatched. It is not possible to cancel the purchase after the sales transaction has been realised. Customer is authorised to undo a contract without stating a reason up to 7 working days from the day of the product takeover, where the law permits it. Unmaking a contract must be realised in written form, it must include all the statements serving for identification of the product, customer and seller and it must be delivered in the period stated above along with the product to the seller´s residence on the expense and responsibility of the customer in the original undamaged condition. Order can be cancelled exclusively in written form.

The seller reserves the right to cancel the order (undo a contract) or its part if:
a) The product is no longer being produced
b) The price of the product delivery has changed
c) The displayed price of the product was incorrect

The seller submits the cancellation to the customer exclusively in written form and upon the acceptance of the product; he refunds the amount within a 15 day period. The seller has the right to demand a recovery of the accrued expenses and the contract penalty at 10 % of the invoice amount.

VI. Guarantee and service

In general, the guarantee period lasts 24 months after the product has been with the customer. The guarantee is not applicable for the imperfections caused by inexpert maintenance, inadequate handling or usage, natural disaster or catastrophe, violent damage or operation in the extreme and unusual conditions.

In order to avoid the devaluation of the wine and eventual reclamation, please respect the rules of the proper storage of bottled wine.

VII. Final provisions

Once Crafted s.r.o. Company receives your personal data, you give them permission for processing your order according to act no. 428/2002 Z.z. Protection of Personal Data in Information Systems for indefinite period. This data will be used only within the business relationship between the buyer and seller and will not be sold to a 3rd party (other than persons providing transport of goods). You can ask (in written form) at any time to terminate your personal data. This permission will expire after 1 month after delivering the goods. Relationships between both sides, which are not defined above are governed by the relevant provisions of the Commercial Code and other related laws. Based on the law no. 128/2002 Z. z. about State control the general market surveillance authorities in matters of consumer protection in the Internal Market, Slovak Trade Inspection (SOI), Inspectorate SOI for the Bratislava Region, Prievozská 32, P. O. Box 5, 820 07 Bratislava 27, department of technical control and consumer products.

The consumer declares, that before execution of the order he has read the terms and conditions and with complaint procedures and he agrees with them.

These regulations are valid as of 01.09.2018

The content of www.slovakiawine.eu and all of its pages have rights reserved. Any use of its content or any of its part possible only with the written permission of the manager of Crafted s.r.o.